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Mesa, AZ Dog Door Installation

Mesa, AZ Dog Door Installation

Mesa Doggy Door


We install Dog Doors in a quick manner in order for you and your pups to get the benefit of the door sooner. We highly recommend climate efficient doggy doors in the Mesa, AZ areas we service.

Chandler Dog Door


Dog doors are a convenient option for your furry family member. When it is time to do their “business” they do not need to wait, nor do you need to stop what you are doing to let them out.

Puppy going for a walk


What puppy doesn’t like a little bit of freedom? The Mesa area’s weather is perfect for them to explore their backyard when they want to. A Pet Door allows them to do just that.

We do it all

Dog Door Installation

Purchased a Dog Door but unsure of the next steps? We’ll take it from here.

Buying a Dog Door is a major step and commitment. Not only to yourself but to your pet. A wall installed dog door requires the cutting and intrusion of your exterior wall. Mistakes are not an option nor should you risk doing it yourself. You wouldn’t try to re-wire your own house would you? You also should not attempt to install your own pet door unless you are experienced in doing so.

Having installed numerous dog doors, we have the experience needed to install your door quickly, efficiently and without the risks that you would face should you go it alone. Servicing Mesa and surrounding areas, we understand the dynamics of numerous types of housing construction material. We know the nuances of the electrical wiring placement within your walls. Dog door installation is a science- we do not experiment on your home. We do it right the FIRST TIME.

There are numerous types and brands of pet doors available on the market today. Wondering which one would be best for your home? Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

East Valley Pet Door Pricing


  • Small Dog Door$349 (Door and Labor)
  • Medium Dog Door$399 (Door and Labor)
  • Large Dog Door$449 (Door and Labor)
  • Tunnel Extenders (If Needed)Varies
  • Dog Door Installation Only$199+